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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 28, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> that's right, jackie, and heather, we have unprecedented historic flooding. the story is about to get worse. the built for that exact purpose, the army corps of engineers now control releases of those already epic flooding byuise, southwest part where the residents here who have been told to stay put, don't get in your car and drive because roads are impassable now being told they can voluntarily evacuate but wake confused because the dam, the dam that flows southwest to the city is going to further flood this for sure. it's almost as if the neighbors here are going to be a
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sacrificial land, look how deep this water is, jackie and heather. fire trucks can be the get et out and they will come out and understand what is happening overnight with controlled release of attics and reservoirs. they are worried the dams will break, if dams break houston, downtown floods, that's a better option than to flood the southwest and some other neighborhoods intentionally on top of the expected rain that is going to add more downpour and further flooding with thousands of people being rescued just blocks from here, if i could just reach over for one second, monica, i think i know you're a resident and live tv, have you heard the news that they're going to release, they've already bebegan to release water out of the dam and more rain is coming, have you decided what you're going to do and are you frightened this morning?
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>> actually i went to my friend's house that lives few blocks from here and the water is to my waist and i went over there because there's no power and to drop a phone charger. >> do you know, did she mention about what she's going to do about releasing water from the dams to intentionally flood the already flooding buffalo -- >> well, i don't think he knows because there's no power and he doesn't know anything. >> monica, are you okay, are you guys doing okay? >> yes, it's latele bit scary over there because the water is deep and it's dark, but, yeah, we are fine. >> thank you, martha. guys, that is exactly what we are talking about. the situation, resident that martha brought a phone charger to someone stuck here that's been told to stay put is going the wake up and told, by the way, you may want to leave with
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nowhere to go in the horrible situation that harvey has brought. heather: people don't have access to television, they don't have power, i know the phone service out across massive areas, they are not going to know what's going on on top of it. >> how does he charge his phone with no electricity. >> that's right. a lot of people don't know what's coming. heather: along with the voluntary or control releases they have additional rain coming. >> unfortunately it's not a good situation any way you look at it and they received over 2 feet of rain in this area, the national weather center had it right and at times it didn't look like it could possibly come true, but it did. over 2 feet of rain rainfall in a shift, we are dealing with a year's worth of rain in just a math of hours, they were seeing 4 to 6-inches an hour of rainfall which is insane, that
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is what we are going to be dealing with. unfortunately over the next couple of days, center circulation to move into the gulf of mexico, it could pick up wind and bring in more moisture from the gulf of mexico, we are hoping it moves to east ward and gives houston a break, i want to make mention that our folks west of houston, north of houston, east of houston also getting tremendous flooding and tremendous numbers, so we are watching you as well. but you can see the heavy rain band right now just east of houston. so they are getting a bit of a break. not for long, though, unfortunately, more rain in the forecast, threat for tornadoes as well, tornado-warned storm earlier in the beaumont area. south of beaumont, the potential for damage and we have seen over, you know, dozens of reports of tornadoes unfortunately and people are -- usually i tell people to go into
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basement to lowest portion of your home, right now the flooding is the biggest threat, you have to go to the highest portion of your home, so there's no words for the situation unfortunately, ladies. it boggles the mind, i just hope for the safety of everyone and hopefully the message will get across that we still have to prepare for days of rain in this area. >> i can't imagine being on top of your roof and having nowhere else to go. i have a couple of stories, now, you're on the roof and no where to go. janice: tragedy unfolding. >> thank you, janice. disturbing images, helpless nursing home patients trapped in dirty waist-deep water. heather: this was an amazing story. receiver coming out. stacy joins us now with live team coverage in dickinson, texas, tell us the story behind it. >> incredible.
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dickinson is back here, the exit off of the interstate to get to it and it is flooded out. it's the spot yesterday where we saw boat after boat being launched into the flood waters to carried out rescues, my photo journalists jamie got on the rescue boats, we will show you video because you can't get into dickinson at least by internet state 45 by car, it's only by boat. people were sitting there waiting to be picked up from all of the volunteers who heard the calls for help. he came across a man oh was sitting on the roof of his truck and people who were just waiting for anyone to come by and pull them to safety and pull them to dry land. so these have been numerous search and rescue operations going on and we start today see images on social media of a home
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in dickinson and people were heartbroken by it, elderly patients sitting in water and went viral and didn't take long before help to arrive. listen. >> we were having trouble getting in touch with anybody who would answer our phone call for rescue, we decided to go ahead and tweet it just because then we could get somebody's attention. it's frightening. imagine your mom a few states away with all of the residents and it's just so heartbreaking to see them. >> the power of social media, just think if we had twitter or something like that during hurricane katrina, i know there are a lot of parallels being made and it is an incredible sense of urgency out here but right now curfew is in effect throughout most of the areas, so it's quiet now but you bet at the first start of sun and the
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first break of dawn, we are going to have lots of people out here doing it all over again. heather: just to give everybody an update, all the patients are okay, the elderly patients? >> and how many did they have? >> i apologize for that i thought that was included there. the woman that you heard from was one of the daughters of one of the ladies at the home and we are happy to return that they were all successfully evacuated and safe and sound, don't have an exact number of how many were there, but everyone has been accounted for, we understand and they are safe this morning. >> god bless them. they have a lot of equipment that needs to go with them too. heather: governor greg abbott warning the most brutal storm to hit texas, it's not over yet, days of drenching downpours packed with historic flooding still ahead.
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>> water taking a toll on road opening massive sink hole where rob scmitt picks up coverage, rob. >> yeah, guys, getting soaked again. it'll be dry and now raining again. look at the power of water illustrates perfectly. incredible vision to see. open up, stream that went underneath the roadway and the power exposed the sink hole and the road came down with it, just incredible image. you knowinger as we are seeing all of this, we are seeing all of the rain which was predicted, you know, the national weather service made great calls on how much water we get. now there's criticism of the houston representatives and leaders for not evacuating, we are seeing people getting in the situation having to be rescued. here is the governor talking a little bit about that. >> we moved beyond whether or not there should have been an evacuation or not and we are at the stage where we just need to
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respond to the emergencies and necessities that people of houston have but again not just people around houston. >> well, yeah, it's not. the problem is widespread and when you go down to where we first started, endeavor in rockport and port aransass they were evacuated and people came back to their home, the same call wasn't made in houston and you're seeing results of all rescues having to be made. we will be have to wait what happens with local leaders and having held accountable if they should be. heather: port aransas and rockport devastated. 20,000 people are stranded on cruise ships, they are unable to dock in galveston, texas, some of those ships have been rerouted to new orleans and let some of the passengers off,
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another ship headed to miami. official hope to reopen port of galveston till tomorrow. >> i heard some people can't get out till friday. water creeps into his house in dickinson, texas, sitting on a counter in the kitchen brown muddy water you see halfway up the cabinet. heather: sending more help from one thousand miles away, new york city police officers and firefighters are headed to houston to assist in hurricane relief and rescues, 121 first responders helping specially trained for catastrophic events. could be stationed in texas for three weeks. >> before and after photo showing how devastating the flooding has become, in this one, you can see him orial parkway in houston, this is what it looks like on saturday. the photo on the right, one day
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later, 24 hours, this one showing severe highways and rivers, that river turn the entire area as in the lake. you would never guess there's a lake out there. heather: that's why they need more boats to get people out. the second largest oil refinery in the country close today harvey's flood waters, what that means for you coming up? >> thousands forced to flee homes as texas grapple with catastrophic flooding, we have been talking about it all morning long. how the white house kicking inth gear rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first". president trump heading to texas tomorrow to get a firsthand look at catastrophic flooding, destruction left behind by hurricane harvey. >> we are now learning learningt could take years for texas to recover. live from houston this morning, doug. we have seen drop ever so slightly. this storm is moving so slowly, just going the keep on dumping rain in this area. the governor of texas has mobilized the national guard to ayes -- assist and rescue efforts and even he acknowledges the massive challenges that is ahead. >> we are prepared to deal with that in multiple ways, we
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deploying boats and helicopters to be involved in swift-water rescues not just in houston and harris county area but all across east texas where you can see the heavy flooding. >> yeah, but, of course, the focus on houston because there's a massive population center and this is going to take a while and you hear governor mobilizing every resource and water resource, they heard volunteering to get out, to rescue people so this is going long-term effort, resources being mobilized in state level, the federal level as well, fema has been deploying resources and, of course, we are preparing for the visit of president trump tomorrow and his concern was that it would take away from the flood response, trying to make sure that this is done with the least impact possible, back to you, guys. heather: thank you, doug. >> thank you so much.
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other stories making headlines, surplus military equipment to local police department, the program which supplies cops with armored vehicles, high-caliber weapons bus disbanded by the obama administration. policy change at the fraternal order in police conference in nashville today. heather: bodies of all ten missing sailors are now recovered following the uss john john mccain deadly collision in south china sea. u.s. navy and divers recovering remains from the ship's flooded compartments, this is the navy's fourth major incident in the region this year. >> massive protest march kicks off from charlottesville this morning, the goal to get president trump out of office, own response of the deadly clashes in virginia earlier this month, this after a town hall in charlottesville turn tedious.
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>> any person on this planet can get their dna checked. you will have african, so white supremacists, you're superior to me, it's a falicy. >> very heated. they had to be broken up by people in the crowd they are told. also sending a new warning, if you committed violence in charlottesville, he says we will find you and arrest you not missing words. >> well, the time now is 20 minutes after the top of the hour, flood victims forced to pay $100 for a case of water. >> it's time of crisis and you buy a bottle of water and you sell it this high. heather: wrong, wrong, wrong and the attorney general is now saying enough is enough. his message for the people who are price gouging. >> plus thousands of people left with roof over their head, how
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with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. heather: fox business alert for you, exxon shutting down a major houston refinery in the wake of hurricane harvey. >> tracee carrasco on how this will impact the price of oil and gas prices as we approach a holiday weekend, tracee. >> good morning, ladies, exxon closed refinery when flood waters paralyzed the area. second largest refinery in the country processing as much as 6,500,000-barrels a day. harvey's projected path as of sunday night included a bigger
2:24 am
refinery in port aught ur, texas that produces 6,000-barrels a day, harvey knocked 15% of u.s. refinery capacity out of commission which threatens to boost fuel prices across the country. >> yeah, across the state of texas, they produce about 6 billion-barrels of oil a day. so it's -- >> takes a while to get them back up and running. >> exactly. heather: flights being impacted. both airports in houston shut down? >> yeah, 5,000 flights affected. flights have been grounded at houston, bush intercontinental and hobby, air licenses had grounded nearly 18,000 flights as of late sunday night. many flights preemptively canceled on saturday. 1400 cancellations extend intoed today and 450 into tomorrow.
2:25 am
all big u.s. airlines are waiving fees ticketed to fly through the regions. >> i know that we have been getting tweets asking how we can help the victims, this is the best part of americans, they want to help? >> the big thing for people not in the area, here are thicks that you can do to help victims of hurricane harvey, if you have in the area you can volunteer in shelters for those displaced, both the american red cross and salvation army are accepting volunteers, donate cash, both the red cross and salvation and ways to donate on the website, if you do give money, make sure it's through a trusted source. another big thing, donate blood, blood banks say they are desperate for blood donations ahead of the storm, so -- heather: and 1-800 help now. >> and diapers.
2:26 am
time now 25 after the hour, braving braving the storm. the police officer who stopped at nothing to save an american flag from harvey. heather: no sign of relief in sight for texas, senior meteorologist janice dean tracking more rain as live fox news team coverage continues up next.
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>> good morning, fox news alert, more danger on the way for texas, millions waking up to another scene of epic flooding as thousands of state national guard service members descend on the scene of hurricane harvey. >> hurricane harvey now a tropical storm bringing catastrophic flood to go houston with no signs of relief in sight. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday. president trump now prepare to go head directly into the disaster zone. heather: live fox news team coverage and we begin with griff jenkins on the ground in houston. the epicenter of the crisis. griff, we have been using this word, catastrophic. is that fitting?
2:30 am
i don't think griff can hear us. griff, can you hear us? okay, while we work that out -- >> hi, guys, i'm not sure you can hear me, let me just tell you that the situation here in houston has gone from horrible to worse as the suns comes up or light comes up, residents are subjected to artificial flooding because the u.s. army corps of engineers release water from reservoirs that fill in the buffalo bayou and flow southwest, as you can see, we are experiencing record amount of flood to go continue and we are at knee-deep, if i go just a few blocks, it will be waste deep here and the residents here may not even know that they have made the decision, the harris county flood control putting out
2:31 am
a statement that residents in this neighborhood is a new neighborhood that may see 15, 20 feet and have to be rescued, they are being told to take precautionary measures, it is unbelievable to imagine what measures they could take because this city is absolutely paralyzed, the mayor definited the decision not to evacuate some neighborhoods but one wonders now, should he have maybe made the decision because these neighborhoods which were not -- it's bad, but they are not life threatening are going to be in an entirely different situation as the flood waters come from nature and now come from the decision to sacrifice some neighborhoods to keep from dams breaking and literally destroying an already flooded downtown houston. >> no one knew where it was going to go. it's difficult to send people away from danger where you don't know the danger is.
2:32 am
the decision that we made was a smart one, it was in the best interest of housans, it was the right decision in terms of their safety. >> in the real story here, the thousands of rescues yesterday, many of them from volunteers who used their boats in very difficult situations as you can see it's not raining hard now but we are expecting a lot more in -- and historic flooding and now the discussion of what to do with residents and new residents that are facing flooding come manager in the hours of this morning. heather: truly amazing. >> artificial flooding not what you want to hear right now when you're getting the after math flooding. heather: the woman standing waiving was on her rooftop, that's how high the water is in some areas. there it is. that's a rooftop.
2:33 am
checking with janice dean to see how much water, not artificial water that we are going to get. >> we will see additional 2 feet of rainfall of what we have already seen. there's the 48-hour loop, you can see within the last 48 hours that's where we had epic rain totals, the fact that this system is stalled out and actually going to the center, the center of the storm is moving into the gulf of mexico, something that we will have to monitor, that means the potential for more heavy rainfall across southeast texas moving to louisiana, the tornado threat on going throughout the morning and we've had tornado watches and warning throughout the duration of the storm since it made landfall last week, thursday, friday, so no warnings just yet but we did have a warning earlier in beaumont, texas. not just the houston area but surrounding areas across east texas getting epics amount of rain.
2:34 am
the center circulation moving towards the gulf of mexico over the gulf of mexico it actually could strengthen a little bit, the wind won't be an issue, it will be additional rainfall on top of historic rainfall that they've already received. 18 to 24-inches, it is hard to imagine that much more rain heading into thursday and you can see we've been into this blocking pattern, ladies, that's why this system has not moved, by thursday, friday, hoping it budges a little bit towards the northeast, the flooding will last well after harvey leaves and exits and unfortunately we will be dealing with the fallout for years if not decades in the houston, texas area. heather: it came so quickly, one woman we spoke to yesterday and said at 2:00 a.m. it was in ankles and 5:00 a.m. it was up to chest in the attic to rose very quickly. january yan it's tragic what's
2:35 am
happening right now. >> thank you, janice. tropical storm harvey unleashing one trillion dollars of gallons of texas so far but the worse yet to come. heather: days of catastrophic flooding still to come. roads are giving out, rob. rob: yeah, this town is going to be shut down this week, i believe, houston and surrounding areas. it's a mess and you can see behind me just what we are talking about. if we pan over here, you can see the hole behind me. incredible, the power of water, this was a stream that went underneath this part to have roadway and when all the water came running through it flashed the entire roadway off. it's incredible to see. as we go to more video, we went to adventure yesterday into downtown, we ran into an issue where we couldn't go any further. you get into this flooding water, 3 feet of water and flood out the car, we saw flooded cars
2:36 am
and some cars did get through with jacked up trucks. don't go through the standing water. here is exactly why. you will see traffic cam video showing a rescue, a truck going down i10, tried to get through some water, thought it wasn't too deep and look what happens to the point where if those -- if that rescue hadn't gotten underway the guy would have drowned right there in the truck or tried to get out and drown after that. it's the real deal. it's scary stuff and you need to listen when they tell you not to mess around with it because they're not just trying to be overly careful. here is the governor talking about how widespread this problem is in south texas. >> there's basically a triangle of on going rain, this stretches one tip which could be the corpus christi area up to travis county over to chambers county and then back to corpus christi. parts of those regions will
2:37 am
continue to receive incredibly heavy rain that will lead to even more flooding and more danger for texans. >> you have been hearing janice all morning, when you hear a meteorologist that's been doing this for quite a while, say they have never seen anything like this, you know it's the real deal. this is a bad, bad storm, amount of water that most places in the world will never see. it's incredible. guys, we will send it back to you. >> the water sitting on the road for so long any time like you saw right behind there on live shot that road can giveway and those cars can fall through. thank you, rob, we appreciate it. rob: that's true, yeah. heather: i bet they'll be more images as the sun comes out. >> texas officials are cracking down on price gouging in the wake of harvey, selling watermarked up 500%, listen. >> you will go buy a bottle of water and you are selling this
2:38 am
guy? >> reports of people charging 99 bucks for a sickle case of water. texas attorney general says there will be severe damaging for anyone caught price gouging. >> up to 25,000-dollar fine for price gouge if you're doing it to a senior citizen, $250,000. if people are aware of this, one they might not do it but the penalties should be certainly a preventive measure. >> there were more than 300 complaints of price gouging saturday alone. heather: businesses may be destroyed but patriotic spirit finding american flags in the debris and flying them again. >> i founded in the rememberle and thought it was fit to go put it up, feel like we have been through a war. heather: definitely looks like it. the owners say the flag are a
2:39 am
sign they will rebuild even though they don't know how long that will take. >> speaking of flag, this is what patriotism looks like, police officer braving hurricane harvey to save american flag, aransas police officer grabbing before the winds could win it away on friday. the officer would stop at nothing to honor and save her. i love it. heather: time now is half past top of the hour. we have some heart-wrenching images to show you, just how devastating harvey's damaging really is, the nursing home that was flooded leaving residents waist-wide water, how they were rescued, coming up. why our next guest says he's ready to handle the crisis. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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heather: we are back with fox news alert. heroine imaging from inside the disaster home showing nursing home patients, did you see this, trapped helplessly in dirty water in waist-deep water. >> details on dramatic rescue. casies, that's just incredible photos. >> it is, really. we can tell you, i know you asked me how many of the patients were rescued, 15 according to emergency management officials here in dickinson, the photo went viral after a patient's daughter tweeted it out, they thought that maybe the coast guard was on the way, they were sitting there, they were worried, help was not coming, they say, people started sharing this around, it went viral and then it was just incredible because volunteers,
2:44 am
everyone started talking about it and they were able to get those folks help, 15 air-lifted out of there and let's listen to the daughter who first brought this to everyone's attention. >> they were having trouble getting in touch with anybody who would answer a phone call for rescue. we decided to go ahead and tweet it just because we thought at least then we could get someone's attention, it's frightening, imagine your mom a few states away with a all of the residents, poor residents, it's heartbreak to go see them. >> this all land so quickly, we had advanced warning, we were talking for days of a potential catastrophic event, no one expected that it would be quite like this. this is a picture, images coming from one of the rescue boats as it makes its way through dickinson, texas, where that the nursing home was, where some
2:45 am
20,000 people call home, it's about 20 miles or so from houston city limits, a community that sits in 45 here. puts into perspective how a large scale event like this is. hard to imagine, guys. >> thank goodness for social media. heather: thanks, casey. a lot of people on social media, family members from way far away seeking help for family members who were stuck. >> a lot of them don't have television and don't know what's going on. president trump headed to texas to take a look at the damage from what's been called the
2:46 am
worst natural disaster in state history. >> fema is going to be there for years, sir, this disaster recovery, this disaster is going to be a landmark event. we are setting up and gearing up for the next couple of years. heather: so how is the president handling his first natural disaster as commander in chief? why our next guest says that he's taking steps in the right direction [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. ah, my poor mouth breather.
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>> ten minutes after the top of the hour, president trump heading to texas tomorrow to get a firsthand look at the catastrophic flooding and destruction left behind by hurricane harvey and we are now learning it could take years for texas to recover. douglas continues team coverage from houston this morning, good morning, doug. >> jackie, good morning, this is going to be a long-term thing
2:50 am
they'll be dealing here. flooding in downtown houston. we will zoom in on what we are using as a flood gate here, you see the fire hydrant. it has dropped 6-inches or so, the rain keeps coming and expectation that the water level is going to continue to rise and certainly state officials and including governor are bracing for what they still have to go through here. >> we are measuring not in inches but in feet, we prepared to deal with that in multiple ways, we sending boats and helicopters and that will be not just in houston, harris county area, the raid all across east texas where you can see the heavy flooding.
2:51 am
>> governor also mobilizing the national guard to assist with this effort, preparing, of course, for the arrival of president trump tomorrow trying to arrange that in such a way that it doesn't divert too many resources, in the meantime fema has a massive response to this storm. >> this is a storm that the united states has not seen yet. it started with a category 4 inundation with storm surge and now bleeding into a multiple inland threat from torrential rainfall. >> the storm keeps on dumping rain, heather. heather: thank you, doug. president trump as you heard ramping up his response to the crisis in texas, here now to react to how he's handling first national disaster, member of independent women's forum and board of directors and former new york congressman, thank you so much for joining us.
2:52 am
>> my, pleasure, heather. heather: overwhelmingly people that i have spoken to, mayors in different cities in houston have had positive things to say about the president's response so far. >> absolutely, president trump has great compassion and great leadership and executive qualities and he has put superb people in place, of course, at homeland security and of course, general kelly who is his chief of staff. heather: even prior to the devastation and the hurricane hitting you think the decisions he made were beneficial? >> yes, because it's all about logistics and making sure that there are clear lines of direction and execution. they have replaced resources all around the southeast where they'll be able to mobilize them and they've also coordinated with hhs, emergency medical teams, the coast guard, national
2:53 am
army corps of engineer, i mean, there's just a lot of logistics that they have really managed with exceedingly. heather: yeah, at least ten other states helping out because fema apparently now has in place much -- a national system where people can jump in and help, the first responders that are there that cannot work continuously, they need some help. you're speaking from experience because you've dealt with sandy and irene. >> it's important to have the coordination between the local and the state and the federal officials and agencies because it's just a massive mobilization. heather: so what does that mean to an individual? someone who has been impacted because we have thousands and thousands of people, there will be more as the sun comes today that lost homes and belonging, what does the aid mean to them? >> what it means is not only is
2:54 am
they're in the immediate period, a way to safety, search and rescue, recovery but also in the weeks and months that follow. fema will be there, the flood insurance program will be there. small business administration will be there to aid these residents in rebuilding their homes and recoverying what -- recovering what they can of resources and rebuilding communities. heather: what lessons did we learn from katrina? so many people in shelters for so long. we have to do something so people don't have to stay in those places for so long. >> well, that's right. much of it obviously is long-term planning so that we can do all we can to anticipate the potential disastrous effect. heather: so difficult to do. >> well, yeah, heather, one of the challenges of houston is their zoning laws are fairly loose. they've had lots and lots of
2:55 am
development over the past ten years in particular that are covered up land that ordinarily might absorb some of that moisture. so there are long-term planning aspect that is have to come into play and leadership from the federal level. in the immediate period, they want to make sure they have all of the resources they need, when they need extra helicopters, they put out the call, the coast guard, the military come in with those resources from the federal level. heather: thank you so much, anne hayworth. live continuing coverage from tropical storm harvey continues up next. stay with us this is not a cloud.
2:56 am
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heather: rescue and recovery efforts continue across the state of texas as people wake up this morning, including the nation's fourth largest city, houston, as a result of what is now tropical storm harvey. >> we want to end our show with some photos of what is coming out of there right now devastating flooding and more expected to come, heather. heather: and there will be a press conference at 7:30 a.m. this morning from the department of homeland security to bring you the very latest. we also know that the president is set to travel there tomorrow to see the devastation for himself. >> and more rain in the forecast. another devastating part. and they are talking about. heather: 50 inches. >> yes. and controlled releases of
3:00 am
dams. a lot to talk about this morning. thoughts and prayers for everyone in the texas. heather: at least 9 trillion gallons of water they are dealing with thank you for joining us, "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> our country's fourth largest city shut down, residents in crisis, houston coping with a disaster of epic proportions. >> it's sad, man. a lot of devastation. i don't think the city was very prepared for it pretty disappointing that we have taken our personal stuff out of here and doing what we got to do. that's what firearm do. >> governor, you got your hands full. what's your priority at this hour? >> protecting lives. >> there is a lot of people left behind that would like to get rescued. >> we know water is coming more tonight and over the next couple days and we didn't want to be there when it was rising even higher. >> 15 elderly residents sitting in waste and shoulder deep water inside the


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